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Chia Bee Lian

Tanjong Pagar Resident

Chia Bee Lian, Tanjong Pagar Resident

Life-Long Volunteerism

I am a wife and mother of three children, and a retired member of ISCA (?). I started volunteering with RSVP (?) at the MEMA (?) at Resorts World Sentosa in October 2011 and now I also volunteer at the MHC (?), IHC (?), SYSNMH (?), PSM (?), GB (?), among other organisations. 

Inspiring Leadership

I did not meet Mr. Lee Kuan Yew in person, but in 1970, when I participated in the National Day Parade as a member of the Girls’ Brigade, Mr. Lee was at City Hall during the march past.

My deepest memory of him were of his national day speeches. He was inspirational and exciting to listen to. He was a great orator and had lots of charisma.

Inspired by Mr. Lee’s leadership, I’ve dedicated a big part of my life volunteering at various heritage institutions. He led by example and showed me that everyone has a part to play in nation building, no matter how small.

He’s also taught me the importance of sacrifice, for family and others, to be resilient and to do my best no matter the circumstances. Most of all I’d like people to know that he showed me the importance of being single-minded and pressing on towards my goals.