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Irene Ho

PBM, CCMC member

Irene Ho, PBM, CCMC member

Joy In Giving

I grew up in the Kreta Ayer Chinatown area. I come from a large family of nine siblings and I have two sons. I run my own business.

I visited the community centre when I was 12 to find out what courses I could take up. Over the years, I became a volunteer there and for over 46 years, I’ve served in the Tanjong Pagar GRC. I started out helping in the Youth Executive Committee and today, I serve in the Community Club Management Committee, the Women Executive Committee and the Jalan Membina Residents’ Committee.

 I enjoy sports like bowling, badminton and golf, and keeping busy.I also derive a lot of joy from helping people, especially the elderly. As a result, I’ve made many good friends who’ve supported me in both good and bad times. Some of the volunteers have also become my close friends.

A CNY to Remember

I met Mr. Lee Kuan Yewwhen I was 18 and had signed up as a volunteer in the Youth Executive Committee. In 1969, our committee had the privilege of welcoming Mr. Lee Kuan Yew to our Chinese New Year celebrations dinner at the Community Centre.

In 1970, I had the privilege of sitting at the same table as Mr. Lee. He asked me which committee I served in and what we did. I told him we organised activities for the youths and the residents, and that we also visited old folks’ homes.

Touching Lives

Listening to Mr. Lee’s speeches inspired me to reach out to the residents. Doing so has given me the opportunity to serve in the Community Centre, contribute to society and feed my passion. As a result, I have grown to become a community leader.

I am very honoured to be involved in grassroots work at Tanjong Pagar Community Club for as long as I have and I’m grateful to have the support of the CC staff, committee members, friends, as well as members of the public. These are the people who keep me going andwho make me want to do my best to serve the residents of Tanjong Pagar GRC wholeheartedly, just like Mr. Lee did for Singapore.

Mr. Lee was dedicated to building Singapore and he placed immense importance on multi-racial harmony. This is something we should never take for granted.

Without Mr. Lee, Singapore would not be what it is today. Knowing that drives me to want to help people, especially the less fortunate.