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Miss Sabura Bagum


Miss Sabura Bagum, GRL, MAEC, Tp-Tb CSC

Large Than Life

I’m a working mother of three grown children and I enjoy doing community service.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lee Kuan Yew at a National Day Dinner at the Istana and wow, the aura of the man is extraordinary.

When we spoke, Mr. Lee asked where I was educated and said I spoke flawless Mandarin.

My impression of Mr. Lee is of someone who put his people before himself. He was inclusive and reached out to people regardless of their race, language or religion. That has made me want to help others, to be gracious and to accept people who are different from me.

He may have been the Father of Singapore, but Mr. Lee was also devoted to his family. And because of that, I also prioritise family time. His positivity also inspired me to have a positive attitude.